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Karolina Kozela

Food scientist, M. Sc. Food technology, with specialization in human alimentation. She is educated in dietetics, which is acknowledged by state. Furthermore, Karolina possesses an international certificate in the fields of athlete nutrition, cleaning and detoxication of human’s body, botanical medicine, as well as nutritioning during a disease. As one of few she finalized an apprenticeship and is now able to analyze a drop of blood in a bright and dark fields of vision. She can carry out these tests right away on her location and adjust the nutrition schedule on the metabolism or possibly occurring diseases of the patient.

For the last 13 years she has been participating in mountain bike-races. At the Polish Championship she finished top-three several times likewise at races in Ireland, Austria and Slovakia. At present she cooperates with sport facilities and a diagnostic center Velo Art, Karolina also supervises/ oversees the concept 4faces Body Center, writes articles for sport magazines and also guests recurringly on radio shows. Furthermore, Karolina administrates fitness and spinning courses. You can find her office in Poland, Kraków, ul. Prądnicka 10.

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